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Registration for the GRE

How to Find a Test Date and Test Center Near You

Available test centers and test dates for the GRE are listed on the ETS website. A search engine allows students to enter their location and view GRE administrations within a specified timeframe (up to a year in advance). It is not necessary to create an ETS account to search for test availability, but online registration does require setting up a user profile with ETS.

Registration for the Computer-Delivered GRE

Students may register for the GRE computer test either online or by phone. Online registration may be completed no later than two days before the test date, subject to seat availability. To register by phone, students may either call the test center directly or contact Prometric Services, which contracts with ETS to handle test registration. Phone registration also closes two days before the test date.

Registration for the Paper-Delivered GRE

There are two ways to register for the GRE paper test: online and standard mail. Online registration procedures are the same as those for the computer GRE. To register by mail, test-takers must download, complete, and send in the Registration Form for the Paper-Delivered GRE (the address is listed on the form). ETS advises test-takers to allow at least four weeks for processing of registration.

Registration Fees

The fee for GRE registration is $205 everywhere in the world except China ($220.70). All ETS fees are in U.S. dollars. Students who wish to change their test date or test center after registering may do so for a rescheduling fee of $50 ($53.90 in China). Other charges that are relevant to registration include the late fee for the paper GRE ($25), the additional score reports fee ($27), and the score review fee ($50 for verbal and quantitative reasoning and $60 for analytical writing). Students who have previously chosen to cancel their GRE scores may have those scores reinstated for a fee of $60. ETS accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and e-checks. For economically disadvantaged test-takers, ETS provides a Fee Reduction Program, which allows qualified students to take the GRE at half of the normal cost.

Registration Policies

While registering for the GRE, students must make sure that they enter their name exactly as it appears on the identification documents that they will present for admission to the test center. The registration fee includes four score reports, and students may choose recipients on the day of the test or at registration. Test rescheduling fees apply no later than four days before the test; after this deadline, students must pay a new registration fee.

Registration for Disabled Students

ETS provides reasonable accommodations for GRE test-takers with documented disabilities, such as extra exam time, specialized keyboards, or large-print screens. Requests for accommodations must first be approved by ETS before the student will be allowed to register for a test date. The process can be initiated either via the student's online ETS account, email, or standard mail, and it involves sending completed forms and accompanying documentation. The review process takes approximately six weeks to complete, and disabled students are therefore urged to submit their requests several months in advance of any university application deadlines.